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Contemporary Art Gallery / Rock Art

Contemporary Art Gallery / Rock Art

Contemporary Art gallery was officially opened in 2013. The collections of art works from contemporary art gallery adds to the permanent display of the History of Tanzania, Human evolution, Biology, Rock Art, and Ethnography galleries.

The Gallery presents a collections of molding objects, Makonde carvings, and paintings works of famous artists like the late Prof.Sam Joseph Ntiro, Prof. Elias Jengo (The former art lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam), paintings from Tingatinga school of art (scholars), Paintings of contemporary artists; Doreen Mandawa, Raza Mohamed, Muzu Selemanji, the late Robino Ntila, L.M.Patel, and the late Ritha Konga received as donations to the Museum’s Art collections, also carvings and molding objects from great sculptors including Kashmir Mathayo and Petro Paul Mayige.

The collections of paintings reflects the intellectual development of a Tanzanian society, in this context art seen in this gallery should be considered as a tool for education and valuable source of pleasure and enjoyment to art lovers

It is expectation of art lovers that all goods works of artists are inspired or influenced by the changes that occur within a society. Thus, works of art reveal the life ways of the society. The artist’s inward stimuli which manifests in their works of art are a reflection of the artist’s political, economic, and social/religious circumstances experienced as a member of the society. Going through the collection in the gallery, one has to consider the taste or importance and morals implanted in the collection to appreciate and be satisfied with what the artist have painted, printed or carved

Title: A pair of Kibwenge shetani, standing on the beach

Artist: Kashmir Mathayo - 1969

On the other hand there is a Rock art gallery which represents a variety of oldest rock art on earth from different African countries in African continent. The display sheds light on culture and belief, as well as ancient morality and the development of imaginative abilities. Rock art was executed using different techniques and styles and themes suitable to the society the artists lived in.

Outdoor exhibition includes George Lilanga Court yard after the demolition of Nyumba ya Sanaa in 2012. George Lilanga was the one of Tanzania’s foremost modern artist who become internationally known for his mischievous Shetani characters that inhabited the physical and spiritual worlds. Lilanga was a part and the leading art and crafts house Nyumba ya Sanaa (1972-2012) which provided a platform for a balanced stream of artists to develop their ideas, learn new technical skills, travel, exhibit, and sell to local and international buyers. Different artists emerged from Nyumba ya Sanaa including Augustino Malaba, Late Robino Ntila, Fransis Imanjama, Edward Kiiza, Walter Lema, Poni Yengi, Lutengano mwakisopile, and many others

Lastly; both indoor and outdoor exhibitions provides an opportunity for local and foreign visitors to visit museum too see, learn, and enjoy the Museum environment with varieties of art works from legendary Tanzanian artist’s. Hence, Art become a tool for sustainable conservation, value, and promote our national identity worldwide

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