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Museum and House of Culture in Dar es Salaam

-          A place with multiple National Cultural Treasure

The Museum and House of Culture is the first modern museum in the Country located in Dar es salaam along Shaaban Robert Street. It preserves collections and exhibitions covering the fields of Archaeology, Paleontology, Biology, Ethnography, History and Contemporary Arts.

It is composed of a theatre, studio, library, storytelling room, children’s library, curio shop, restaurant and other facilities.

At the museum there are six storage rooms for Art, Archaeology, Biology, Ethnography, History and Paleontology collections such as Zinjanthropus boisei “Zinj”, a hominid that lived 1.75 million years ago.


A­ttractions at the Museum Visiting the Museum and House of Culture will give you the opportunity to enjoy amongst others:

 • Permanent galleries on human evolution, history, rock and contemporary art, ethnography and biology

• Outdoor exhibitions

• Digital exhibitions (virtual and augumented reality)

• Structures that provide hope out of sorrow

• Aquarium

 • Trees and Bu­erflies catch gardens

• Historically significant State cars, etc



  • Hosting of different events like: Live films on the Theatre, seminars, workshops, wedding and entertainment activities
  • Consultancy in Conservation,

Cultural tourism and Museum development


Theatre, Conference rooms, Open space for rent, Bar, Restaurant, Studio, Coffee Shop, Curio Shop, Cast collections and Research facilities such as laboratories and libraries.

Gett­ing There

The Museum is located in the City Centre along Shaban Robert Street, opposite the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) Dar es Salaam


Museum and House of Culture

P.O Box 511 Dar es Salaam,


Mobile: +255 754 392462

Email: mhoc@nmt.go.tz