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National Natural History Museums

National Natural History Museums

Natural History Museum in Arusha was established in 1987 to house curate and research Tanzanian components of paleontological, paleoanthropological, and archaeological collections from different parts of the Tanzania that had been housed in the Coryndon Museum (Now the National Museum of Kenya) in Nairobi.

Collections found at the museum are Paleontological, paleoanthropological, and archaeological collections from different sites from Tanzania including Olduvai Gorge, Birds and animals of Tanzania

The Museum exhibitions includes; Human evolution with evidences from different parts of Tanzania and other parts of the world, Insects of economic importance, Ecology of large mammals, Taxidermist unit and exhibition with a focus on professional skinning and mounting of wild animals species, Live rescued wild animals, A mini botanical garden with live endemic, threatened and useful indigenous plant species of Tanzania, Birds and animals of Tanzania, A fish pond, and History of the Germany colonial administration in the Northern Tanzania

The museum offers education services that includes; variety lessons on human evolution living organisms, environment and culture to support national curriculum, Guidance to secondary school projects and research, Workshops and seminars to education and tourism stakeholders and guiding tour in the exhibition hall

Other Services offered include workshop and seminar rooms, the Museum Cultural Café and Restaurant – the Via Via café, local art training through Museum Art Center, museum garden that offers a unique venue for ceremonies and receptions, meetings and exhibitions as well as a stunning backdrop for pictures and cultural tourism programs in collaboration with the community