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Functions of the National Museum

The NMT is an educational and cultural institution for the collection, preservation and research of scientific and cultural objects related to Tanzania’s cultural and natural heritage. The core functions of the NMT are:

1: Preservation

NMT preserves cultural and natural heritage of Tanzania comprising activities related to acquisition, collection management, risk analysis, preparedness capacities and emergency plans, security of collections, preventive and remedial conservation for the purposes of ensuring integrity of collections when used and stored.​​​

2: Research

NMT conducts research by using her professional staff and sometimes in collaboration with other stakeholders in the study and documentation of collections to procure knowledge that could be offered to the public and provide opportunities to reflect on history in a contemporary context, as well as for the interpretation, representation and presentation of collections. It is only through the knowledge obtained from research that the full potential of museums can be realized and offered to the public.

​​​​​​​3: Communication

NMT actively interprets and disseminates knowledge on collections, monuments and sites within her specific areas of expertise and to organize exhibitions, as appropriate. Furthermore, NMT uses all means of communication to play an active part in society by organizing public events, taking part in relevant cultural activities and other interactions with the public in both physical and digital forms in promoting and protecting National heritage.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4: Education

NMT provides formal and non-formal education and lifelong learning, through development and transmission of knowledge, educational and pedagogical programs that help to raise greater awareness of the importance of preserving heritage and fostering creativity. NMT can also provide knowledge and experiences that contribute to the understanding of related societal issues.