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(Issued under section 13 of the Antiquities Act Cap 333 as Amended in 2022)

Treasure Investigation

Special Terms and Conditions Applying to this License                               

  1. Not transferable
  2. Licensee not to enter upon any land and conduct investigation without the consent of the owner of the land.
  3. Submission of a preliminary report of the investigation to the Director General of the National Museum of Tanzania within three months of the Expiry date of this license.
  4. The licensee must pay five percent (5%) of the investigation budget to the National Fund for Antiquities before the license is issued.
  5. The Licensee must strictly confine Investigation to the area (s) specified in this license.
  6. Failure to conform to the conditions imposed; the license shall be terminated or canceled.

Note: The license is issued subject to all Orders, Regulations, and Subsidiary legislation made under the Antiquities Act Cap 333 R.E 2002.